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lollardn. [LL. Lollardi, Lullardi, from Walter Lolhardus, a German; cf. LG. & D. lollen to mumble, to hum, sing in a murmuring strain; hence, OD. lollaerd a mumbler, i. e., of prayers or psalms, which was prob. the origin of the name. See Loll, Lull.].
     One of a sect of early reformers in Germany.  [1913 Webster]
    "By Lollards all know the Wyclifities are meant, so called from Walter Lollardus, one of their teachers in Germany."  [1913 Webster]


lollard, n. any of the followers of the 14th-c. religious reformer John Wyclif.

Lollardism n.
MDu. lollaerd f. lollen mumble

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