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locomotionn. [L. locus place + motio motion: cf. F. locomotion. See Local, and Motion.].
  •  The act of moving from place to place.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The power of moving from place to place, characteristic of the higher animals and some of the lower forms of plant life.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The name of a song and a dance, briefly popular in the 1960's; as, do the locomotion.  [PJC]


locomotion, n.
1 motion or the power of motion from one place to another.
2 travel; a means of travelling, esp. an artificial one.

L loco ablat. of locus place + motio MOTION



commutation, course, crossing, globe-trotting, going, journeying, mobility, motility, motion, motive power, motivity, movableness, movement, moving, passage, progress, tourism, touristry, traject, trajet, transit, travel, traveling




N motion, movement, move, going, unrest, stream, flow, flux, run, course, stir, evolution, kinematics, telekinesis, step, rate, pace, tread, stride, gait, port, footfall, cadence, carriage, velocity, angular velocity, clip, progress, locomotion, journey, voyage, transit, restlessness, mobility, movableness, motive power, laws of motion, mobilization, moving, in motion, transitional, motory, motive, shifting, movable, mobile, mercurial, unquiet, restless, nomadic, erratic, under way, on the move, on the wing, on the tramp, on the march, eppur si muove, es bildet ein Talent sich in der Stille, sich ein Charakter in dem Strom der Welt.

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