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     The closing of a factory or workshop by an employer, usually in order to bring the workmen to satisfactory terms by a suspension of wages.  [1913 Webster]


lockout, n. the exclusion of employees by their employer from their place of work until certain terms are agreed to.



arrest, ban, bar, barring, bell, blockade, boycott, boycottage, check, checkmate, circumscription, cutoff, dead stop, deadlock, debarment, debarring, demarcation, embargo, end, endgame, ending, exception, exclusion, final whistle, full stop, grinding halt, gun, halt, inadmissibility, injunction, job action, narrowing, nonadmission, omission, outlaw strike, preclusion, prohibition, rejection, relegation, repudiation, restriction, revolt, rulebook slowdown, sick-in, sit-down, sit-down strike, slowdown, stalemate, stand, standoff, standstill, stay, stop, stoppage, strike, sympathy strike, taboo, tie-up, turnout, walkout, wildcat strike, work stoppage

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