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Verb (intransitive), Verb (transitive)
8 in 8 verses (in OT : 8 in 8 verses)


locatev. t. [L. locatus, p. p. of locare to place, fr. locus place. See Local.].
  •  To place; to set in a particular spot or position.  [1913 Webster]
    "The captives and emigrants whom he brought with him were located in the trans-Tiberine quarter."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To designate the site or place of; to define the limits of; as, to locate a public building; to locate a mining claim; to locate (the land granted by) a land warrant.  [1913 Webster]
    "That part of the body in which the sense of touch is located."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To discover the location or site of; as, to locate the source of a radio transmission; to locate a leak; to locate the malfunction in a system.  [PJC]
locatev. i. 
     To place one's self; to take up one's residence; to settle; as, to locate in Seattle.  [1913 Webster]


locate, v.
1 tr. discover the exact place or position of (locate the enemy's camp).
2 tr. establish in a place or in its proper place.
3 tr. state the locality of.
4 tr. (in passive) be situated.
5 intr. (often foll. by in) US take up residence or business (in a place).

locatable adj. locator n.
L locare locat- f. locus place



allocate, anchor, assign, base, billet at, bivouac, burrow, camp, chance upon, collocate, colonize, come across, come to anchor, deploy, determine, discover, dispose, domesticate, drop anchor, emplace, ensconce, establish, establish residence, find, find out, fix, get, get a fix, hit, hit upon, hive, home in on, hunt down, inhabit, install, invent, keep house, live at, localize, moor, move, navigate, nest, park, people, perch, pin down, pinpoint, place, populate, position, put in place, rediscover, relocate, reside, roost, run down, run to earth, set up, set up housekeeping, set up shop, settle, settle down, sit down, site, situate, spot, squat, stand, stay at, strike, strike root, take residence at, take root, take up residence, trace, trace down, track down, triangulate, turn up, unearth, zero in on




VB place, situate, locate, localize, make a place for, put, lay, set, seat, station, lodge, quarter, post, install, house, stow, establish, fix, pin, root, graft, plant, shelve, pitch, camp, lay down, deposit, reposit, cradle, moor, tether, picket, pack, tuck in, embed, imbed, vest, invest in, billet on, quarter upon, saddle with, load, lade, freight, pocket, put up, bag, inhabit, domesticate, colonize, take root, strike root, anchor, cast anchor, come to an anchor, sit down, settle down, settle, take up one's abode, take up one's quarters, plant oneself, establish oneself, locate oneself, squat, perch, hive, se nicher, bivouac, burrow, get a footing, encamp, pitch one's tent, put up at, put up one's horses at, keep house, endenizen, naturalize, adopt, put back, replace.

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