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loben. [F. lobe, Gr. lobo`s.].
     Any projection or division, especially one of a somewhat rounded form  [1913 Webster]
Lobe of the ear, the soft, fleshy prominence in which the human ear terminates below, also called the earlobe. See. Illust. of Ear.


lobe, n.
1 a roundish and flattish projecting or pendulous part, often each of two or more such parts divided by a fissure (lobes of the brain).
2 = ear lobe (see EAR(1)).

lobed adj. lobeless adj.
LL f. Gk lobos lobe, pod



Eustachian tube, anvil, appendage, arachnoid, arbor vitae, archipallium, arm, auditory apparatus, auditory canal, auditory meatus, auditory nerve, auditory ossicles, auditory tube, auricle, basilar membrane, between brain, bony labyrinth, bough, brain stem, branch, cauliflower ear, cerebellar hemispheres, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrum, cochlea, conch, concha, convolution, corpus callosum, corpus striatum, diencephalon, drape, drumhead, dura mater, ear, ear lobe, eardrum, endbrain, endolymph, external ear, fissure, folia, forebrain, fornix, frontal lobe, glial cells, globus pallidus, gray matter, gyrus, hammer, hand, hanger, hanging, hindbrain, hippocampus, hypothalamus, imp, incus, inner ear, joint, lappet, leg, lenticular nucleus, limb, limbic lobe, link, little brain, lobation, lobule, lug, malleus, mantle, mastoid process, medulla oblongata, member, meninges, mesencephalon, metencephalon, midbrain, middle ear, myelencephalon, neopallium, occipital lobe, offshoot, optic chiasm, organ, organ of Corti, outer ear, oval window, pallium, parietal lobe, pendant, perilymph, pia mater, pineal body, pinion, pinna, pituitary body, pons, ramification, reticular system, rhombencephalon, round window, runner, scion, secondary eardrum, semicircular canals, shell, spray, sprig, spur, stapes, stirrup, subthalamus, switch, tail, telencephalon, temporal lobe, tendril, thalamus, twig, tympanic cavity, tympanic membrane, tympanum, uvula, ventricle, vermis, vestibule, white matter, wing




N part, portion, dose, item, particular, aught, any, division, ward, subdivision, section, chapter, clause, count, paragraph, verse, article, passage, sector, segment, fraction, fragment, cantle, frustum, detachment, parcel, piece, lump, bit cut, cutting, chip, chunk, collop, slice, scale, lamina, small part, morsel, particle, installment, dividend, share, debris, odds and ends, oddments, detritus, excerpta, member, limb, lobe, lobule, arm, wing, scion, branch, bough, joint, link, offshoot, ramification, twig, bush, spray, sprig, runner, leaf, leaflet, stump, component part, sarmentum, compartment, department, county, fractional, fragmentary, sectional, aliquot, divided, in compartments, multifid, disconnected, partial, partly, in part, partially, piecemeal, part by part, by by installments, by snatches, by inches, by driblets, bit by bit, inch by inch, foot by foot, drop by drop, in detail, in lots.

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