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litigiousa. [L. litigiosus, fr. litigium dispute, quarrel, fr. litigare: cf. F. litigieux. See Litigation.].
  •  Inclined to initiate lawsuits; given to the practice of contending in law; fond of litigation.  Macaulay.  [1913 Webster]
    "Soldiers find wars, and lawyers find out still
    Litigious men, who quarrels move.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Quarrelsome; contentious; argumentative.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Subject to contention; disputable; controvertible; debatable; doubtful; precarious.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
    "No fences, parted fields, nor marks, nor bounds,
    Distinguished acres of litigious grounds.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  Of or pertaining to legal disputes.  [1913 Webster]
    "Nor brothers cite to the litigious bar."  [1913 Webster]


litigious, adj.
1 given to litigation; unreasonably fond of going to law.
2 disputable in a lawcourt; offering matter for a lawsuit.
3 of lawsuits.

litigiously adv. litigiousness n.
ME f. OF litigieux or L litigiosus f. litigium litigation: see LITIGATE



actionable, aggressive, argumental, argumentative, bellicose, belligerent, bickering, cat-and-dog, cat-and-doggish, causidical, combative, contentious, controversial, dialectic, disputatious, divisive, eristic, factional, factious, ill-humored, irascible, irritable, litigable, litigant, litigatory, logomachic, partisan, pilpulistic, polarizing, polemic, polemical, pro and con, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, shrewish, wrangling




N discord, disagreement, discord, disaccord, dissidence, dissonance, jar, clash, shock, jarring, jostling, screw loose, variance, difference, dissension, misunderstanding, cross purposes, odds, brouillerie, division, split, rupture, disruption, division in the camp, house divided against itself, disunion, breach, schism, feud, faction, quarrel, dispute, tiff, tracasserie, squabble, altercation, barney, demel_e, snarl, spat, towrow, words, high words, wrangling, jangle, brabble, cross questions and crooked answers, snip-snap, family jars, polemics, litigation, strife, warfare, outbreak, open rupture, declaration of war, broil, brawl, row, racket, hubbub, rixation, embroilment, embranglement, imbroglio, fracas, breach of the peace, piece of work, scrimmage, rumpus, breeze, squall, riot, disturbance, commotion, bear garden, Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair, subject of dispute, ground of quarrel, battle ground, disputed point, bone of contention, bone to pick, apple of discord, casus belli, question at issue, vexed question, vexata quaestio, brand of discord, troublous times, cat-and-dog life, contentiousness, enmity, hate, Kilkenny cats, disputant, strange bedfellows, discordant, disagreeing, out of tune, ajar, on bad terms, dissentient, unreconciled, unpacified, contentious, quarrelsome, unpacific, gladiatorial, controversial, polemic, disputatious, factious, litigious, litigant, pettifogging, at odds, at loggerheads, at daggers drawn, at variance, at issue, at cross purposes, at sixes and sevens, at feud, at high words, up in arms, together by the ears, in hot water, embroiled, torn, disunited, quot homines tot sententiae, no love lost between them, non nostrum tantas componere lites, Mars gravior sub pace latet, discord, discordance, dissonance, cacophony, want of harmony, caterwauling, harshness, Babel, Dutch concert, cat's concert, marrowbones and cleavers, discordant, dissonant, absonant, out of tune, tuneless, unmusical, untunable, unmelodious, immelodious, unharmonious, inharmonious, singsong, cacophonous, harsh, jarring.


N lawsuit, suit, action, cause, litigation, suit in law, dispute, citation, arraignment, prosecution, impeachment, accusation, presentment, true bill, indictment, apprehension, arrest, committal, imprisonment, writ, summons, subpoena, latitat, nisi prius, venire, venire facias pleadings, declaration, bill, claim, proces verbal, bill of right, information, corpus delicti, affidavit, state of facts, answer, reply, replication, plea, demurrer, rebutter, rejoinder, surrebutter, surrejoinder, suitor, party to a suit, plaintiff, defendant, litigant, hearing, trial, verdict, appeal, appeal motion, writ of error, certiorari, case, decision, precedent, decided case, reports (legal reference works, see reference books), litigious, qui tam, coram judice, sub judice, pendente lite, adhuc sub judice lis est, accedas ad curiam, transeat in exemplum.

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