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linnetn. [F. linot, linotte, from L. linum flax; or perh. shortened from AS. līnetwige, fr. AS. līn flax; -- so called because it feeds on the seeds of flax and hemp. See Linen.].
     Any one of several species of fringilline birds of the genera Linota, Acanthis, and allied genera, esp. the common European species (Linota cannabina), which, in full summer plumage, is chestnut brown above, with the breast more or less crimson. The feathers of its head are grayish brown, tipped with crimson. Called also gray linnet, red linnet, rose linnet, brown linnet, lintie, lintwhite, gorse thatcher, linnet finch, and greater redpoll. The American redpoll linnet (Acanthis linaria) often has the crown and throat rosy. See Redpoll, and Twite.  [1913 Webster]
Green linnet (Zoöl.), the European green finch.


linnet, n. a finch, Acanthis cannabina, with brown and grey plumage.

OF linette f. lin flax (the bird feeding on flax-seeds)

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