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air, angle, appearance, aroma, aspect, attribute, badge, bearing, border, brand, brow, cachet, carriage, cast, cast of countenance, character, characteristic, circumference, color, complexion, configuration, contour, cortex, countenance, covering, crust, cut, delineation, demeanor, dial, differentia, differential, distinctive feature, earmark, effect, eidolon, envelope, epidermis, exterior, external, facade, face, facet, facial appearance, facies, fashion, favor, feature, features, figuration, figure, flavor, form, framework, fringe, front, garb, gestalt, guise, gust, hallmark, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, image, imago, impress, impression, index, individualism, integument, keynote, kisser, light, likeness, lines, look, looks, main features, manner, mannerism, map, mark, marking, mien, mold, mug, mush, nature, odor, outer face, outer layer, outer side, outer skin, outline, outside, pan, particularity, peculiarity, periphery, phase, phasis, phiz, physiognomy, port, posture, presence, profile, property, puss, quality, quirk, reference, regard, relief, respect, rind, savor, seal, seeming, semblance, shape, shapes, shell, side, silhouette, simulacrum, singularity, skeleton, skin, slant, smack, specialty, stamp, stance, style, superficies, superstratum, surface, taint, tang, taste, token, top, total effect, tournure, trait, traits, trick, turn, twist, view, viewpoint, visage, wise

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