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light into


Verb (intransitive)
light in=to


light into

ambush, assail, assault, attack, blitz, bushwhack, come at, come down on, crack down on, descend on, descend upon, dive into, draw first blood, enter on, enter upon, fall on, fall to, fall upon, gang up on, get busy, get cracking, get going, get with it, give a going-over, give what-for, go at, go for, go to it, harry, have at, hit, hit like lightning, hop to it, jump, jump to it, land on, launch into, lay about one, lay at, lay hands on, lay into, lay on, let have it, make war on, mug, pitch in, pitch into, plunge into, pounce upon, pound, sail into, set about, set at, set on, set to, set to work, set upon, square up, start in, strike, surprise, swoop down on, tackle, take on, take the offensive, turn to, undertake, wade into

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