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liasn. [Cf. F. lias, fr. liais sort of limestone, OF. also liois; perh. of Celtic origin, cf. Armor. liach, leach, a stone, Gael. leac, W. llech. Cf. Cromlech.].
     The lowest of the three divisions of the Jurassic period; a name given in England and Europe to a series of marine limestones underlying the Oölite. See the Chart of Geology.  [1913 Webster]


lias, n.
1 (Lias) Geol. the lower strata of the Jurassic system of rocks, consisting of shales and limestones rich in fossils.
2 a blue limestone rock found in SW England.

liassic adj. (in sense 1).
ME f. OF liois hard limestone, prob. f. Gmc

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