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     The action of a lever; mechanical advantage gained by the lever.  [1913 Webster]
Leverage of a couple (Mech.), the perpendicular distance between the lines of action of two forces which act in parallel and opposite directions. -- Leverage of a force, the perpendicular distance from the line in which a force acts upon a body to a point about which the body may be supposed to turn.


leverage, n.
1 the action of a lever; a way of applying a lever.
2 the power of a lever; the mechanical advantage gained by use of a lever.
3 a means of accomplishing a purpose; power, influence.
4 a set or system of levers.
5 US Commerce gearing.

leveraged buyout esp. US the buyout of a company by its management using outside capital.



aeromechanics, animal mechanics, ascendancy, authority, biomechanics, celestial mechanics, charisma, charm, clout, consequence, control, credit, dominance, domination, effect, electromechanics, eminence, enchantment, esteem, favor, fluid mechanics, force, good feeling, hold, hydromechanics, importance, incidental power, influence, influentiality, insinuation, leadership, magnetism, mastery, mechanical arts, mechanics, moment, personality, persuasion, potency, power, predominance, preponderance, pressure, prestige, purchase, quantum mechanics, rational mechanics, reign, repute, rule, say, servomechanics, statistical mechanics, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, supremacy, sway, upper hand, wave mechanics, weight, whip hand, zoomechanics




N instrument, machinery, mechanism, engineering, instrument, organ, tool, implement, utensil, machine, engine, lathe, gin, mill, air engine, caloric engine, heat engine, gear, tackle, tackling, rig, rigging, apparatus, appliances, plant, materiel, harness, trappings, fittings, accouterments, barde, equipment, equipmentage, appointments, furniture, upholstery, chattels, paraphernalia, mechanical powers, lever, leverage, mechanical advantage, crow, crowbar, handspike, gavelock, jemmy, jimmy, arm, limb, wing, oar, paddle, pulley, wheel and axle, wheelwork, clockwork, wheels within wheels, pinion, crank, winch, cam, pedal, capstan, wheel, inclined plane, wedge, screw, spring, mainspring, can hook, glut, heald, heddle, jenny, parbuckle, sprag, water wheel, handle, hilt, haft, shaft, heft, shank, blade, trigger, tiller, helm, treadle, key, turnscrew, screwdriver, knocker, hammer, edge tool, borer, vice, teeth, nail, rope, peg, support, spoon, arms, oar, cardiograph, recapper, snowplow, tenpenny, votograph, instrumental, mechanical, machinal, brachial.


N influence, importance, weight, pressure, preponderance, prevalence, sway, predominance, predominancy, ascendency, dominance, reign, control, domination, pull, authority, capability, effect, interest, synergy (cooperation), footing, purchase, play, leverage, vantage ground, tower of strength, host in himself, protection, patronage, auspices, influential, effective, important, weighty, prevailing, prevalent, rife, rampant, dominant, regnant, predominant, in the ascendant, hegemonical, with telling effect, tel maure tel valet.

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