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     The quality or state of being lenient; lenity; clemency.  [1913 Webster]



abatement, acceptance, accommodatingness, agreeableness, allayment, alleviation, assuagement, attentiveness, benevolence, blunting, calming, carelessness, charitableness, charity, clemency, commiseration, compassion, complaisance, concern, condolence, condonation, considerateness, consideration, damping, deadening, delicacy, demulsion, diminution, downiness, dulcification, dulling, easiness, easing, easygoingness, endurance, falling-off, favor, featheriness, feeling, flossiness, fluffiness, forbearance, forbearing, forbearingness, forgiveness, fortitude, generousness, gentleness, grace, heedfulness, helpfulness, humanity, hushing, impotence, imprecision, indifference, indulgence, insolidity, kindness, laxity, laxness, lenience, lenity, lessening, letdown, letup, lightening, long-sufferance, long-suffering, longanimity, looseness, loosening, lulling, magnanimity, mellowness, mercifulness, mercy, mindfulness, mitigation, modulation, mollification, morbidezza, negligence, nonresistiveness, nonrigidity, obligingness, overindulgence, overpermissiveness, pacification, palliation, pardon, pathos, patience, patience of Job, patientness, permissiveness, perseverance, pity, plushiness, pulpiness, quarter, quietening, quieting, reduction, regard, regardfulness, relaxation, relaxedness, relief, remission, remissness, reprieve, ruth, satininess, self-control, self-pity, silkiness, slackening, slackness, sloppiness, softening, softness, solicitousness, solicitude, soothing, sponginess, stoicism, subduement, sufferance, sweet reasonableness, sympathy, tact, tactfulness, tempering, tenderness, thought, thoughtfulness, tolerance, toleration, tranquilization, unrestraint, unsolidity, velvetiness, waiting game, waiting it out, weakness




N lenity, lenience, leniency, moderation, tolerance, toleration, mildness, gentleness, favor, indulgence, indulgency, clemency, mercy, forbearance, quarter, compassion, lenient, mild, mild as milk, gentle, soft, tolerant, indulgent, easy-going, clement, forbearing, long-suffering.


N pity, compassion, commiseration, bowels, of compassion, sympathy, fellow-feeling, tenderness, yearning, forbearance, humanity, mercy, clemency, leniency, charity, ruth, long- suffering, melting mood, argumentum ad misericordiam, quarter, grace, locus paenitentiae, sympathizer, advocate, friend, partisan, patron, wellwisher, pitying, pitiful, compassionate, sympathetic, touched, merciful, clement, ruthful, humane, humanitarian, tender, tender hearted, tender as a chicken, soft, soft hearted, unhardened, lenient, exorable, forbearing, melting, weak, Int, for pity's sake!, mercy!, have mercy!, cry you mercy!, God help you!, poor thing!, poor dear!, poor fellow!, woe betide!, quis talia fando temperet a lachrymiss!, one's heart bleeding for, haud ignara mali miseris succurrere disco, a fellow feeling makes one wondrous kind, onor di bocca assai giova e poco costa.

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