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Verb (transitive)


legalizev. t. [Cf. F. légaliser.].
  •  To make legal.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To interpret or apply in a legal spirit.  [1913 Webster]


legalize, v.tr. (also -ise)
1 make lawful.
2 bring into harmony with the law.

legalization n.



authorize, certificate, certify, charter, constitute, declare lawful, decree, empower, enable, enact, enfranchise, entitle, establish, formulate, franchise, give official sanction, give power, legislate, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, license, make a regulation, make legal, ordain, patent, prescribe, privilege, put in force, ratify, regulate, sanction, validate, warrant




VB legalize, enact, ordain, decree, pass a law, enact a regulation, legislate, codify, formulate, regulate.


VB be due, to, be the due, of, have right to, have title to, have claim to, be entitled to, have a claim upon, belong to, deserve, merit, be worthy of, richly deserve, demand, claim, call upon for, come upon for, appeal to for, revendicate, reclaim, exact, insist on, insist upon, challenge, take one's stand, make a point of, require, lay claim to, assert, assume, arrogate, make good, substantiate, vindicate a claim, vindicate a right, fit for, qualify for, make out a case, give a right, confer a right, entitle, authorize, sanctify, legalize, ordain, prescribe, allot, give every one his due, pay one's dues, have one's due, have one's rights, use a right, assert, enforce, put in force, lay under contribution.

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