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lechern. [OE. lechur, lechour, OF. lecheor, lecheur, gormand, glutton, libertine, parasite, fr. lechier to lick, F. lécher; of Teutonic origin. See Lick.].
     A man given to lewdness; one addicted, in an excessive degree, to the indulgence of sexual desire, or to illicit sexual relations with women; also called letch and lech.  [1913 Webster]
lecherv. i. 
     To practice lewdness.  [1913 Webster]


lecher, n. a lecherous man; a debauchee.

ME f. OF lecheor etc. f. lechier live in debauchery or gluttony f. Frank., rel. to LICK



Priapus, aphrodisiomaniac, backslider, bad egg, bad lot, black sheep, degenerate, dirty old man, eroticomaniac, erotomaniac, fallen angel, goat, gynecomaniac, heartbreaker, lady-killer, libertine, lost sheep, lost soul, masher, miscreant, old goat, pervert, philander, philanderer, pimp, profligate, recidivist, recreant, reprobate, satyr, scapegrace, seducer, skirt chaser, sorry lot, trollop, whore, whoremaster, whoremonger, wolf, woman chaser




N libertine, voluptuary, rake, debauchee, loose fish, rip, rakehell, fast man, intrigant, gallant, seducer, fornicator, lecher, satyr, goat, whoremonger, paillard, adulterer, gay deceiver, Lothario, Don Juan, Bluebeard, chartered libertine, adulteress, advoutress, courtesan, prostitute, strumpet, harlot, whore, punk, fille de joie, woman, woman of the town, streetwalker, Cyprian, miss, piece, frail sisterhood, demirep, wench, trollop, trull, baggage, hussy, drab, bitch, jade, skit, rig, quean, mopsy, slut, minx, harridan, unfortunate, unfortunate female, unfortunate woman, woman of easy virtue, wanton, fornicatress, Jezebel, Messalina, Delilah, Thais, Phryne, Aspasia, Lais, lorette, cocotte, petite dame, grisette, demimonde, chippy, sapphist, spiritual wife, white slave, concubine, mistress, doxy, chere amie, bona roba, pimp, procurer, pander, pandar, bawd, conciliatrix, procuress, mackerel, wittol.

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