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joie de vivre


Noun Phrase
joie de vi=vre


joie de vivre, n. a feeling of healthy and exuberant enjoyment of life.

F, = joy of living


joie de vivre

activity, amusement, animal pleasure, animation, ardor, bodily pleasure, brio, briskness, carnal delight, comfort, content, contentment, coziness, creature comforts, ease, elan, endpleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, enthusiasm, euphoria, forepleasure, fruition, fun, glow, gratification, great satisfaction, gusto, hearty enjoyment, impetuosity, impetus, intellectual pleasure, keen pleasure, kicks, life, liveliness, lustiness, luxury, mettle, perkiness, pertness, physical pleasure, pleasure, quiet pleasure, relish, robustness, satisfaction, self-gratification, self-indulgence, sensual pleasure, sensuous pleasure, sexual pleasure, spirit, spiritedness, sweetness of life, titillation, vivacity, voluptuousness, warmth, well-being, zest, zestfulness

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