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Adjective, Verb (usu participle)


incrassatev. t. [L. incrassatus, p. p. of incrassare; pref. in- in + crassus thick.].
     To make thick or thicker; to thicken; especially, in pharmacy, to thicken (a liquid) by the mixture of another substance, or by evaporating the thinner parts.  [1913 Webster]
    "Acids dissolve or attenuate; alkalies precipitate or incrassate."  [1913 Webster]
    "Liquors which time hath incrassated into jellies."  [1913 Webster]
incrassatev. i. 
     To become thick or thicker.
incrassatea. [L. incrassatus, p. p.].
  •  Made thick or thicker; thickened; inspissated.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Thickened; becoming thicker.  Martyn.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Swelled out on some particular part, as the antennæ of certain insects.  [1913 Webster]



beat up, bloated, blown up, cake, caked, cakey, churn, clabber, clabbered, clot, clotted, clump, cluster, coagulate, coagulated, colloid, colloidize, concrete, congeal, congealed, cream, curd, curded, curdle, curdled, dilated, distended, dropsical, edematous, emulsify, emulsionize, enchymatous, fat, fatten, flatulent, gassy, gel, gelatinate, gelatinize, gelatinized, grow thick, grumous, inflated, inspissate, inspissated, jell, jelled, jellied, jellify, jelly, knot, lopper, lump, lumpish, lumpy, plethoric, puffed up, puffy, pursy, set, swelled, swollen, thick, thicken, thickened, tumid, turgid, ventose, whip, windy




VB become larger &c (large), expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gather, fill out, deploy, take open order, dilate, stretch, distend, spread, mantle, wax, grow up, spring up, bud, bourgeon, shoot, sprout, germinate, put forth, vegetate, pullulate, open, burst forth, gain flesh, gather flesh, outgrow, spread like wildfire, overrun, be larger than, surpass, render larger &c (large), expand, spread, extend, aggrandize, distend, develop, amplify, spread out, widen, magnify, rarefy, inflate, puff, blow up, stuff, pad, cram, exaggerate, fatten.


VB be dense, become solid, render solid, solidify, solidate, concrete, set, take a set, consolidate, congeal, coagulate, curd, curdle, lopper, fix, clot, cake, candy, precipitate, deposit, cohere, crystallize, petrify, condense, thicken, gel, inspissate, incrassate, compress, squeeze, ram down, constipate.


VB inspissate, incrassate, thicken, mash, squash, churn, beat up, sinter.

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