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Adjective, Noun


illativea. [L. illativus: cf. F. illatif.].
     Relating to, dependent on, or denoting, illation; inferential; conclusive; as, an illative consequence or proposition; an illative word, as then, therefore, etc.  [1913 Webster]
Illative conversion (Logic), a converse or reverse statement of a proposition which in that form must be true because the original proposition is true. -- Illative sense (Metaph.), the faculty of the mind by which it apprehends the conditions and determines upon the correctness of inferences.
     An illative particle, as for, because.  [1913 Webster]


illative, adj.
1 a (of a word) stating or introducing an inference. b inferential.
2 Gram. (of a case) denoting motion into.

illatively adv.
L illativus (as ILLATION)

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