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Noun, Verb (transitive)


huskn. [Prob. for hulsk, and from the same root as hull a husk. See Hull a husk.].
  •  The external covering or envelope of certain fruits or seeds; glume; hull; rind; in the United States, especially applied to the covering of the ears of maize.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The supporting frame of a run of millstones.  [1913 Webster]
Husks of the prodigal son (Bot.), the pods of the carob tree. See Carob.
huskv. t. 
     To strip off the external covering or envelope of; as, to husk Indian corn.  [1913 Webster]


husk, n. & v.
1 the dry outer covering of some fruits or seeds, esp. of a nut or US maize.
2 the worthless outside part of a thing. remove a husk or husks from.

ME, prob. f. LG huske sheath, dimin. of hus HOUSE



afterglow, afterimage, balance, bark, boll, bones, bran, burr, butt, butt end, candle ends, capsule, case, chaff, cod, corn shuck, cornhusk, culm, deadwood, debris, detritus, dishwater, draff, dregs, dust, end, fag end, filings, follicle, fossil, garbage, gash, hogwash, holdover, hull, husks, jacket, leavings, lees, leftovers, legume, legumen, odds and ends, offal, offscourings, orts, palea, parings, pease cod, peel, pericarp, pod, potsherds, rags, raspings, refuse, relics, remainder, remains, remnant, residue, residuum, rest, rind, roach, rubbish, ruins, rump, sawdust, scourings, scrap iron, scraps, scum, seed pod, seed vessel, seedbox, seedcase, shadow, shards, shavings, shell, shuck, silique, skin, slack, slag, slop, slops, slough, straw, stubble, stump, survival, sweepings, swill, tares, trace, vestige, wastage, waste, waste matter, wastepaper, weeds




N covering, cover, baldachin, baldachino, baldaquin, canopy, tilt, awning, tent, marquee, tente d'abri, umbrella, parasol, sunshade, veil (shade), shield, roof, ceiling, thatch, tile, pantile, pentile, tiling, slates, slating, leads, barrack, plafond, planchment, tiling, shed, top, lid, covercle, door, operculum, bulkhead, bandage, plaster, lint, wrapping, dossil, finger stall, coverlet, counterpane, sheet, quilt, tarpaulin, blanket, rug, drugget, housing, antimacassar, eiderdown, numdah, pillowcase, pillowslip, linoleum, saddle cloth, blanket cloth, tidy, tilpah, apishamore, integument, tegument, skin, pellicle, fleece, fell, fur, leather, shagreen, hide, pelt, peltry, cordwain, derm, robe, buffalo robe, cuticle, scarfskin, epidermis, clothing, mask, peel, crust, bark, rind, cortex, husk, shell, coat, eggshell, glume, capsule, sheath, sheathing, pod, cod, casing, case, theca, elytron, elytrum, involucrum, wrapping, wrapper, envelope, vesicle, corn husk, corn shuck, dermatology, conchology, testaceology, inunction, incrustation, superimposition, superposition, obduction, scale, veneer, facing, overlay, plate, silver plate, gold plate, copper plate, engobe, ormolu, Sheffield plate, pavement, coating, paint, varnish, plating, barrel plating, anointing, enamel, epitaxial deposition, vapor deposition, ground, whitewash, plaster, spackel, stucco, compo, cerement, ointment, covering, superimposed, overlaid, plated, cutaneous, dermal, cortical, cuticular, tegumentary, skinny, scaly, squamous, covered, imbricated, loricated, armor plated, ironclad, under cover, cowled, cucullate, dermatoid, encuirassed, hooded, squamiferous, tectiform, vaginate.

Also see definition of "husk" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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