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hunkn. [Cf. Hunch.].
  •  A large lump or piece; a hunch; as, a hunk of bread.
  •  a sexually attractive, well-built man.  [PJC]


hunk, n.
1 a a large piece cut off (a hunk of bread). b a thick or clumsy piece.
2 colloq. a a very large person. b esp. US a sexually attractive man.

hunky adj. (hunkier, hunkiest).
19th c.: prob. f. Flem. hunke



accumulation, acervation, agglomerate, agglomeration, aggregate, aggregation, amassment, amount, batch, bit, block, budget, bulk, bunch, butt, chip, chunk, clip, clipping, clod, clump, clutch, collop, congeries, conglobation, conglomerate, conglomeration, count, crumb, cumulation, cut, cutting, deal, dollop, dose, end, fragment, gathering, glomeration, gob, gobbet, group, heap, hunch, large amount, loaf, lot, lump, mass, measure, mess, modicum, moiety, morsel, nugget, number, pack, parcel, paring, part, particle, pat, piece, portion, quantity, rasher, ration, scoop, scrap, shard, shaving, shiver, shred, slice, sliver, small amount, smithereen, snack, snatch, snip, snippet, snowball, splinter, stitch, stockpile, stump, sum, tatter, wad




N sex, sexuality, gender, male, masculinity, maleness, female, femininity, sexual intercourse, copulation, mating, coitus, sex, lovemaking, marital relations, sexual union, sleeping together, carnal knowledge, sex instinct, sex drive, libido, lust, concupiscence, hots, horns, arousal, heat, rut, estrus, oestrus, tumescence, erection, hard-on, boner, masturbation, self-gratification, autoeroticism, onanism, self- abuse, orgasm, climax, ejaculation, sexiness, attractiveness, sensuality, voluptuousness, fornication, adultery, sex symbol, sex goddess, stud, hunk, one-night stand, pornography, porn, porno, hardcore pornography, softcore pornography, pin-up, cheesecake, beefcake, Playboy, Esquire, Hustler, perversion, deviation, sexual abnormality, fetish, fetishism, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, sodomy, buggery, pederasty, sadism, masochism, sado-masochism, incest, sexy, erotic, sexual, carnal, sensual, hot, horny, randy, rutting, passionate, lusty, hot-blooded, libidinous, up, in the mood, homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual.

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