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humanistn. [Cf. F. humaniste.].
  •  One of the scholars who in the field of literature proper represented the movement of the Renaissance, and early in the 16th century adopted the name Humanist as their distinctive title.  Schaff-Herzog.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who pursues the study of the humanities, or polite literature.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One versed in knowledge of human nature.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A person with a strong concern for human welfare, especially one who emphasizes the dignity and worth of individual people, rejecting claims of supernatural influences on humans, and stressing the need for people to achieve improvement of society and self-fulfillment through reason and to develop human-oriented ethical values without theism; an adherent of humanism.  [PJC]


humanist, n.
1 an adherent of humanism.
2 a humanitarian.
3 a student (esp. in the 14th-16th c.) of Roman and Greek literature and antiquities.

humanistic adj. humanistically adv.
F humaniste f. It. umanista (as HUMAN)



academician, bookman, classicist, clerk, colossus of knowledge, esprit fort, freethinker, genius, giant of learning, latitudinarian, learned clerk, learned man, literary man, litterateur, lover of learning, man of learning, man of letters, mastermind, mine of information, philologist, philologue, philomath, philosophe, philosopher, polyhistor, polymath, pundit, savant, scholar, scholastic, schoolman, secular humanist, student, walking encyclopedia

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