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Adjective, Noun


     Of or pertaining to herbs.  Quarles.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A book containing the names and descriptions of plants.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A collection of specimens of plants, dried and preserved; a hortus siccus; an herbarium.  Steele.  [1913 Webster]


herbal, adj. & n.
--adj. of herbs in medicinal and culinary use.
--n. a book with descriptions and accounts of the properties of these.

med.L herbalis (as HERB)




N vegetable, vegetable kingdom, flora, verdure, plant, tree, shrub, bush, creeper, herb, herbage, grass, annual, perennial, biennial, triennial, exotic, timber, forest, wood, woodlands, timberland, hurst, frith, holt, weald, park, chase, greenwood, brake, grove, copse, coppice, bocage, tope, clump of trees, thicket, spinet, spinney, underwood, brushwood, scrub, boscage, bosk, ceja, chaparal, motte, arboretum, bush, jungle, prairie, heath, heather, fern, bracken, furze, gorse, whin, grass, turf, pasture, pasturage, turbary, sedge, rush, weed, fungus, mushroom, toadstool, lichen, moss, conferva, mold, growth, alfalfa, alfilaria, banyan, blow, blowth, floret, petiole, pin grass, timothy, yam, yew, zinnia, foliage, branch, bough, ramage, stem, tigella, spray, leaf, flower, blossom, bine, flowering plant, timber tree, fruit tree, pulse, legume, vegetable, vegetal, vegetive, vegitous, herbaceous, herbal, botanic, sylvan, silvan, arborary, arboreous, arborescent, arborical, woody, grassy, verdant, verdurous, floral, mossy, lignous, ligneous, wooden, leguminous, vosky, cespitose, turf-like, turfy, endogenous, exogenous, green-robed senators of mighty woods, this is the forest primeval.


N botany, physiological botany, structural botany, systematic botany, phytography, phytology, phytotomy, vegetable physiology, herborization, dendrology, mycology, fungology, algology, flora, romona, botanic garden, hortus siccus, herbarium, herbal, botanist, herbist, herbarist, herbalist, herborist, herbarian, botanical, botanic.

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