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     Furnishing help; giving aid; assistant; useful; salutary.  [1913 Webster]
    "Heavens make our presence and our practices
    Pleasant and helpful to him!


helpful, n. (of a person or thing) giving help; useful.

helpfully adv. helpfulness n.



accommodating, accommodative, advantageous, agential, agentival, agentive, agreeable, aidful, aiding, appropriate, assisting, attentive, auspicious, banausic, beneficial, benevolent, bon, bonny, brave, braw, bueno, capital, caring, cogent, commendable, commodious, complaisant, conducive, considerate, constructive, contributory, cooperative, delicate, effective, elegant, employable, estimable, excellent, expedient, facilitating, fair, famous, favorable, favoring, fine, fitting, forwarding, friendly, functional, furthersome, good, good for, goodly, grand, handy, healthy, heedful, indulgent, instrumental, intermediary, kind, laudable, lenient, mediating, mediatorial, mindful, mindful of others, ministerial, ministering, nice, noble, obliging, of general utility, of help, of service, of use, pleasant, positive, practical, pragmatic, pragmatical, productive, profitable, promoting, proper, propitious, reassuring, regal, regardful, remedial, royal, salutary, serviceable, skillful, solicitous, sound, splendid, subservient, supportive, sympathetic, tactful, therapeutic, thoughtful, tolerant, toward, usable, useful, utilitarian, valid, valuable, very good, virtuous




N aid, aidance, assistance, help, opitulation, succor, support, lift, advance, furtherance, promotion, coadjuvancy, patronage, championship, countenance, favor, interest, advocacy, sustentation, subvention, alimentation, nutrition, nourishment, eutrophy, manna in the wilderness, food, means, ministry, ministration, subministration, accommodation, relief, rescue, help at a dead lift, supernatural aid, deus ex machina, supplies, reinforcements, reenforcements, succors, contingents, recruits, support, adjunct, ally, aiding, auxiliary, adjuvant, helpful, coadjuvant, subservient, ministrant, ancillary, accessory, subsidiary, at one's beck, at one's beck and call, friendly, amicable, favorable, propitious, well-disposed, neighborly, obliging, with the aid, by the aid of, on behalf of, in behalf of, in aid of, in the service of, in the name of, in favor of, in furtherance of, on account of, for the sake of, on the part of, non obstante, Int, help!, save us!, to the rescue!, alterum alterius auxilio eget, God befriend us as our cause is just, at your service.

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