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hegiran. [Ar. hijrah flight.].
     The flight of Mohammed from Mecca, September 13, a. d. 622 (subsequently established as the first year of the Moslem era); hence, any flight or exodus regarded as like that of Mohammed.  [1913 Webster]
    " The starting point of the Era was made to begin, not from the date of the flight, but from the first day of the Arabic year, which corresponds to July 16, a. d. 622."  [1913 Webster]


hegira, n. (also hejira, hijra)
1 (Hegira) a Muhammad's departure from Mecca to Medina in AD 622. b the Muslim era reckoned from this date.
2 a general exodus or departure.

med.L hegira f. Arab. hijra departure from one's country f. hajara separate



AWOL, French leave, abandonment, absence without leave, absquatulation, bolt, decampment, departure, desertion, disappearance, disappearing act, egress, elopement, escape, evacuation, exit, exodus, flight, fugitation, getaway, going, hasty retreat, leaving, parting, passing, quick exit, removal, retirement, retreat, running away, scramming, skedaddle, skedaddling, walkout, withdrawal

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