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4 in 4 verses (in OT : 3 in 3 verses) (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)


  •  characterized by great warmth and intensity of feeling; as, a heated argument. Opposite of dispassionate, passionless.  [WordNet 1.5]
  •  supplied with a mechanism for heating; -- of structures or devices; as, a heated fishing cabin. Opposite of unheated.  [WordNet 1.5]


heated, adj.
1 (of a person, discussions, etc.) angry; inflamed with passion or excitement.
2 made hot.

heatedly adv.



abandoned, ablaze, acrimonious, afire, angry, ardent, aroused, baked, baking, bitter, blistering, boiled, boiling, boiling over, braised, breathless, broiled, broiling, browned, burning, burning hot, burning with excitement, canicular, coddled, committed, cooked, cordial, curried, dedicated, delirious, deviled, devoted, devout, drunk, earnest, ebullient, electric-heated, enthusiastic, excited, exuberant, faithful, fanatic, febrile, fervent, fervid, fevered, feverish, fiery, fired, flaming, flushed, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, fricasseed, fried, furious, gas-heated, glowing, grilled, grilling, hard-core, hearty, hectic, het, het up, hot, hot as fire, hot as hell, hot-air-heated, hot-blooded, hotheaded, hotted up, impassioned, in earnest, in rut, indignant, inflamed, intense, intensified, intent, intent on, intoxicated, irate, ireful, keen, like a furnace, like an oven, lively, loyal, mad, madcap, oil-heated, on fire, oven-baked, overheated, overwarm, pan-broiled, parboiled, parching, passionate, perfervid, piping hot, poached, quickened, rechauffe, recooked, red-hot, reheated, resolute, roast, roasted, roasting, sauteed, scalding, scalloped, scorching, seared, searing, seething, serious, sexually excited, shirred, simmering, sincere, sizzling, sizzling hot, smoking hot, spirited, steam-heated, steamed, steaming, steamy, stewed, stimulated, stormy, sudorific, superheated, sweating, sweaty, sweltering, sweltry, tempestuous, toasted, toasting, torrid, totally committed, unrestrained, vehement, vigorous, violent, warm, warmed, warmed up, warmed-over, waxy, white-hot, wrathful, wrathy, wroth, zealous




N calefaction, increase of temperature, heating, calefaction, tepefaction, torrefaction, melting, fusion, liquefaction, burning, ambustion, combustion, incension, accension, concremation, cremation, scorification, cautery, cauterization, ustulation, calcination, cracking, refining, incineration, cineration, carbonization, cupellation, ignition, inflammation, adustion, flagration, deflagration, conflagration, empyrosis, incendiarism, arson, auto dafe, boiling, coction, ebullition, estuation, elixation, decoction, ebullioscope, geyser, distillation (vaporization), furnace, blanket, flannel, fur, wadding, clothing, still, refinery, fractionating column, fractionating tower, cracking tower, match, incendiary, petroleuse, cauterizer, caustic, lunar caustic, alkali, apozem, moxa, acid, aqua fortis, aqua regia, catheretic, nitric acid, nitrochloro-hydric acid, nitromuriatic acid, radioactivity, gamma rays, alpha particles, beta rays, X-rays, radiation, cosmic radiation, background radiation, radioactive isotopes, tritium, uranium, plutonium, radon, radium, sunstroke, coup de soleil, insolation, pottery, ceramics, crockery, porcelain, china, earthenware, stoneware, pot, mug, terra cotta, brick, clinker, cinder, ash, scoriae, embers, soot, slag, coke, carbon, charcoal, wood alcohol, turpentine, tea tree oil, gasoline, kerosene, naptha, fuel oil (fuel), wax, paraffin, residue, tar, inflammability, combustibility, diathermancy, transcalency, conduction, convection, radiation, radiant heat, heat conductivity, conductivity, thermal expansion, coefficient of expansion, heated, molten, sodden, r_echauff_e, heating, adust, inflammable, combustible, diathermal, diathermanous, burnt, volcanic, radioactive.

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