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     Report; rumor; fame; common talk; something heard from another.  [1913 Webster]
    "Much of the obloquy that has so long rested on the memory of our great national poet originated in frivolous hearsays of his life and conversation."  [1913 Webster]
Hearsay evidence (Law), that species of testimony which consists in a narration by one person of matters told him by another. It is, with a few exceptions, inadmissible as testimony. Abbott.


hearsay, n. rumour, gossip.

hearsay evidence Law evidence given by a witness based on information received from others rather than personal knowledge.



absolute, adducible, admissible, attestative, attestive, authentic, based on, bruit, buzz, canard, certain, circumstantial, circumstantial evidence, collateral evidence, common talk, conclusive, convincing, corpus delicti, cry, cumulative, cumulative evidence, damning, decisive, determinative, direct evidence, documentary, documentary evidence, documented, evidence in chief, evidential, evidentiary, ex parte, ex parte evidence, extrinsic evidence, eye-witness, factual, final, firsthand, flying rumor, founded on, gossip, grapevine, grounded on, hearsay evidence, idea afloat, implicit, incontrovertible, incriminating evidence, indicative, indirect evidence, indisputable, intrinsic evidence, irrefutable, irresistible, latrine rumor, material, news stirring, nuncupative, on-dit, oral evidence, overwhelming, presumptive, presumptive evidence, prima facie evidence, probative, reliable, report, roorback, rumble, rumor, scuttlebutt, significant, suggestive, sure, symptomatic, talk, telling, town talk, unconfirmed report, valid, weighty, whisper, word-of-mouth evidence




N news, information, piece of news, budget of news, budget of information, intelligence, tidings, word, advice, aviso, message, dispatch, despatch, telegram, cable, marconigram, wire, communication, errand, embassy, report, rumor, hearsay, on dit, flying rumor, news stirring, cry, buzz, bruit, fame, talk, oui dire, scandal, eavesdropping, town tattle, table talk, tittle tattle, canard, topic of the day, idea afloat, bulletin, fresh news, stirring news, glad tidings, flash, news just in, on-the-spot coverage, live coverage, old story, old news, stale news, stale story, chestnut, narrator, newsmonger, scandalmonger, talebearer, telltale, gossip, tattler, journalism, media, news media, the press, the information industry, newspaper, magazine, tract, journal, gazette, publication, radio, television, ticker (electronic information transmission), United Press International, UPI, Associated Press, AP, The Dow Jones News Service, DJ, The New York Times News Service, NYT, Reuters, TASS, The Nikkei, newscaster, newsman, newswoman, reporter, journalist, correspondent, foreign correspondent, special correspondent, war correspondent, news team, news department, anchorman, anchorwoman, sportscaster, weatherman, press secretary, public relations department, public relations man, many-tongued, rumored, publicly rumored, currently rumored, currently reported, rife, current, floating, afloat, going about, in circulation, in every one's mouth, all over the town, in progress, live, on the spot, in person, as the story goes, as the story runs, as they say, it is said, by telegraph, by wireless, airy tongues that syllable men's names, what's up?, what's the latest?, what's new?, what's the latest poop?.

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