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Adjective, Adverb
1 in 1 verses (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)


     With the head foremost; -- of motion.  [1913 Webster]



a corps perdu, abruptly, carelessly, desperately, furiously, happen what may, hastily, head over heels, headforemost, headlong, heedlessly, heels over head, helter-skelter, holus-bolus, hotheadedly, hurriedly, hurry-scurry, impetuously, impulsively, like crazy, like mad, madly, overeagerly, overenthusiastically, overzealously, precipitantly, precipitately, precipitously, ramble-scramble, rashly, recklessly, slam-bang, slap-bang, slapdash, suddenly, wantonly, wildly

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