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glauber's salt


Noun Phrase
Glau=ber's salt


glauber's salt,  [G. glaubersalz, from Glauber, a German chemist who discovered it. See Glauberite.].
     Sulphate of soda, a well-known cathartic. It is a white crystalline substance, with a cooling, slightly bitter taste, and is commonly called “salts.”  [1913 Webster]
    " It occurs naturally and abundantly in some mineral springs, and in many salt deposits, as the mineral mirabilite. It is manufactured in large quantities as an intermediate step in the “soda process,” and also for use in glass making."  [1913 Webster]


glauber's salt, n. (also Glauber's salts) a crystalline hydrated form of sodium sulphate used esp. as a laxative.

J. R. Glauber, Ger. chemist d. 1668

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