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2 in 2 verses (in OT : 2 in 2 verses)


gibberishn. [From Gibber, v. i.].
  •  Rapid and inarticulate talk; unintelligible language; unmeaning words.  [1913 Webster]
    "He, like a gypsy, oftentimes would go;
    All kinds of gibberish he had learnt to know.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "Such gibberish as children may be heard amusing themselves with."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Incomprehensible, obscure, or pretentious technical talk or writing; excessively obscure jargon.  [PJC]
     Unmeaning; as, gibberish language.  [1913 Webster]


gibberish, n. unintelligible or meaningless speech; nonsense.

perh. f. GIBBER(1) (but attested earlier) + -ISH(1) as used in Spanish, Swedish, etc.



Aesopian language, Babel, Gongorism, Greek, abracadabra, absurdity, amphigory, argot, babble, babblement, balderdash, balls, bibble-babble, blabber, blather, blether, bombast, bullshit, bunk, bunkum, cackle, cant, chatter, cipher, claptrap, code, crap, cryptogram, double Dutch, double-talk, drivel, drool, fiddle-faddle, fiddledeedee, flummery, folderol, fudge, fustian, gabble, galimatias, gammon, garbage, garble, gibber, gibble-gabble, gift of tongues, glossolalia, gobbledygook, hocus-pocus, humbug, jabber, jabberwocky, jargon, jumble, lingo, magic, mumbo jumbo, mumbo-jumbo, mummery, narrishkeit, niaiserie, noise, nonsense, pack of nonsense, palaver, patois, patter, phraseology, piffle, poppycock, prate, prattle, rant, rigamarole, rigmarole, rodomontade, rubbish, scatology, scramble, secret language, skimble-skamble, slang, sorcery, stuff and nonsense, stultiloquence, taboo language, thaumaturgy, trash, tripe, trumpery, twaddle, twattle, twiddle-twaddle, vaporing, vernacular, vocabulary, vulgar language, waffling




N neology, neologism, newfangled expression, nonce expression, back-formation, caconym, barbarism, archaism, black letter, monkish Latin, corruption, missaying, malapropism, antiphrasis, pun, paranomasia, play upon words, word play, double- entendre, palindrome, paragram, anagram, clinch, abuse of language, abuse of terms, dialect, brogue, idiom, accent, patois, provincialism, regionalism, localism, broken English, lingua franca, Anglicism, Briticism, Gallicism, Scotticism, Hibernicism, Americanism, Gypsy lingo, Romany, pidgin, pidgin English, pigeon English, Volapuk, Chinook, Esperanto, Hindustani, kitchen Kaffir, dog Latin, macaronics, gibberish, confusion of tongues, Babel, babu English, chi-chi, figure of speech, byword, colloquialism, informal speech, informal language, substandard language, vernacular, vulgar language, obscene language, obscenity, vulgarity, jargon, technical terms, technicality, lingo, slang, cant, argot, St. Gile's Greek, thieves' Latin, peddler's French, flash tongue, Billingsgate, Wall Street slang, pseudology, pseudonym, Mr, So-and-so, wha d'ye call 'em, whatchacallim, what's his name, thingummy, thingumbob, je ne sais quoi, neologist, coiner of words, neologic, neological, archaic, obsolete, colloquial, Anglice.


N absurdity, absurdness, imbecility alogy, nonsense, utter nonsense, paradox, inconsistency, stultiloquy, stultiloquence, nugacity, blunder, muddle, bull, Irishism, Hibernicism, slipslop, anticlimax, bathos, sophism, farce, galimathias, amphigouri, rhapsody, farrago, betise, extravagance, romance, sciamachy, sell, pun, verbal quibble, macaronic, jargon, fustian, twaddle, gibberish, exaggeration, moonshine, stuff, mare's nest, quibble, self- delusion, vagary, tomfoolery, poppycock, mummery, monkey trick, boutade, escapade, absurd, nonsensical, preposterous, egregious, senseless, inconsistent, ridiculous, extravagant, quibbling, self-annulling, self- contradictory, macaronic, punning, foolish sophistical, unmeaning, without rhyme or reason, fantastic, Int, fiddlededee!, pish!, pho!, in the name of the Prophet--figs!, credat Judaeus Apella, tell it to the marines.


N meaninglessness, unmeaningness, scrabble, empty sound, dead letter, vox et praeterea nihil, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, nonsense, utter nonsense, gibberish, jargon, jabber, mere words, hocus-pocus, fustian, rant, bombast, balderdash, palaver, flummery, verbiage, babble, baverdage, baragouin, platitude, niaiserie, inanity, flap-doodle, rigmarole, rodomontade, truism, nugae canorae, twaddle, twattle, fudge, trash, garbage, humbug, poppy-cock, stuff, stuff and nonsense, bosh, rubbish, moonshine, wish-wash, fiddle- faddle, absurdity, vagueness, boilerplate, clich_¬, unmeaning, meaningless, senseless, nonsensical, void of sense, inexpressive, unexpressive, vacant, not significant, insignificant, trashy, washy, trumpery, trivial, fiddle-faddle, twaddling, quibbling, unmeant, not expressed, tacit, inexpressible, undefinable, incommunicable.

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