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Noun, Verb (transitive)


favour, n. & v. (US favor)
1 an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual (did it as a favour).
2 esteem, liking, approval, goodwill; friendly regard (gained their favour; look with favour on).
3 partiality; too lenient or generous treatment.
4 aid, support (under favour of night).
5 a thing given or worn as a mark of favour or support, e.g. a badge or a knot of ribbons.
6 archaic leave, pardon (by your favour).
7 Commerce archaic a letter (your favour of yesterday).
1 regard or treat with favour or partiality.
2 give support or approval to; promote, prefer.
3 a be to the advantage of (a person). b facilitate (a process etc.).
4 tend to confirm (an idea or theory).
5 (foll. by with) oblige (favour me with a reply).
6 (as favoured adj.) having special advantages.
7 colloq. resemble in features.

in favour
1 meeting with approval.
2 (foll. by of) a in support of. b to the advantage of. out of favour lacking approval.
favourer n.
ME f. OF f. L favor -oris f. favere show kindness to

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