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extend | extend oneself | extend to | extendable | extendant | extended | extended care facility | extended family | extended order | extended time scale | extendedly



50 in 48 verses (in OT : 47 in 45 verses) (in NT : 3 in 3 verses)



accelerated, aggrandized, allegorical, ample, ampliate, amplified, amplitudinous, associational, augmented, beefed-up, bloated, boosted, broad, broadened, built-up, capacious, commodious, connotational, connotative, crescendoed, de longue haleine, deep, deepened, definable, denotational, denotative, dragged out, drawn, drawn out, drawn-out, elevated, elongate, elongated, endless, enhanced, enlarged, expanded, expansive, expressive, extending, extensional, extensive, far-flung, far-reaching, figurative, filled out, full of meaning, full of point, full of substance, heightened, hiked, increased, indicative, infinite, inflated, intelligible, intensified, intensional, interminable, interpretable, jazzed up, languishing, lasting, lengthened, lengthy, lingering, long, long-continuing, long-drawn, long-drawn-out, long-pending, long-spun, long-winded, longiloquent, magnified, marathon, meaning, meaningful, meaty, metaphorical, multiplied, overlong, padded, pithy, pointed, pregnant, proliferated, prolix, prolongated, prolonged, protracted, pulled, raised, readable, referential, reinforced, roomy, scopic, sententious, significant, significative, spacious, spread, spread out, spreading, spun out, spun-out, stiffened, straggling, strained, strengthened, stretched, stretched out, stretched-out, strung out, substantial, suggestive, swollen, symbolic, talkative, taut, tense, tight, tightened, transferred, unrelenting, upped, vast, verbose, voluminous, wide, widened, widespread, windy, wordy




N space, extension, extent, superficial extent, expanse, stretch, hyperspace, room, scope, range, field, way, expansion, compass, sweep, swing, spread, dimension, length, distance, size, volume, hypervolume, latitude, play, leeway, purchase, tolerance, room for maneuver, spare room, elbow room, house room, stowage, roomage, margin, opening, sphere, arena, open space, free space, void, waste, wildness, wilderness, moor, moorland, campagna, abyss, unlimited space, infinity, world, ubiquity, length and breadth of the land, proportions, acreage, acres, acres and perches, roods and perches, hectares, square miles, square inches, square yards, square centimeters, square meters, yards (clothing), ares, arpents, spacious, roomy, extensive, expansive, capacious, ample, widespread, vast, world-wide, uncircumscribed, boundless, shoreless, trackless, pathless, extended, extensively, wherever, everywhere, far and near, far and wide, right and left, all over, all the world over, throughout the world, throughout the length and breadth of the land, under the sun, in every quarter, in all quarters, in all lands, here there and everywhere, from pole to pole, from China to Peru, from Indus to the pole, from Dan to Beersheba, from end to end, on the face of the earth, in the wide world, from all points of the compass, to the four winds, to the uttermost parts of the earth.


N breadth, thickness, breadth, width, latitude, amplitude, diameter, bore, caliber, radius, superficial extent, thickness, crassitude, corpulence, dilation, broad, wide, ample, extended, discous, fanlike, outspread, outstretched, wide as a church-door, latifoliate, latifolous, thick, dumpy, squab, squat, thickset, thick as a rope.

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