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Noun, Verb (transitive)


espaliern. [F. espalier, fr. It. spalliera, fr. spalla shoulder, the same word as F. épaule. See Epaulet.].
     A railing or trellis upon which fruit trees or shrubs are trained, as upon a wall; a tree or row of trees so trained.  [1913 Webster]
    "And figs from standard and espalier join."  [1913 Webster]
espalierv. t. 
     To form an espalier of, or to protect by an espalier.  [1913 Webster]


espalier, n.
1 a lattice-work along which the branches of a tree or shrub are trained to grow flat against a wall etc.
2 a tree or shrub trained in this way.

F f. It. spalliera f. spalla shoulder




N inclosure, envelope, case, wrapper, girdle, pen, fold, pen fold, in fold, sheep fold, paddock, pound, corral, yard, net, seine net, wall, hedge, hedge row, espalier, fence, pale, paling, balustrade, rail, railing, quickset hedge, park paling, circumvallation, enceinte, ring fence, barrier, barricade, gate, gateway, bent, dingle, door, hatch, cordon, prison, dike, dyke, ditch, fosse, moat.

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