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Adjective, Noun


escapism, n. the tendency to seek distraction and relief from reality, esp. in the arts or through fantasy.

escapist n. & adj.



alienation, autism, autistic thinking, avoidance mechanism, blame-shifting, break, breakout, compensation, decompensation, defense mechanism, deliverance, delivery, dereism, dereistic thinking, displacement, dissociation, emergence, emotional insulation, escape, escape into fantasy, escape mechanism, evasion, extrication, fantasizing, fantasy, flight, freeing, getaway, isolation, issuance, issue, jailbreak, leak, leakage, liberation, negativism, outlet, overcompensation, prisonbreak, projection, psychotaxis, rationalization, release, rescue, resistance, riddance, setting-free, sociological adjustive reactions, sublimation, substitution, vent, wish-fulfillment fantasy, wishful thinking, withdrawal

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