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epidemiologyn. [Epidemy + -logy.].
     That branch of medicine which studies the incidence and distribution of disease in a population, and uses such information to find the causes, modes of transmission, and methods for control of disease.  [1913 Webster]


epidemiology, n. the study of the incidence and distribution of diseases, and of their control and prevention.

epidemiological adj. epidemiologist n.



aerial infection, airborne infection, carrier, communicability, contagion, contagiousness, contamination, cryptogenic infection, direct infection, droplet infection, dust infection, hand infection, health physics, hygiene, hygienics, indirect infection, infection, infectiousness, mental hygiene, phytogenic infection, preventive dentistry, preventive medicine, primary infection, prophylactic psychology, prophylactodontia, prophylaxis, public health, pyogenic infection, sanitation, secondary infection, subclinical infection, taint, vector, virus, waterborne infection, zoogenic infection

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