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56 in 43 verses (in OT : 56 in 43 verses)


ephodn. [Heb. ''āphad to put on.].
     A part of the sacerdotal habit among Jews, being a covering for the back and breast, held together on the shoulders by two clasps or brooches of onyx stones set in gold, and fastened by a girdle of the same stuff as the ephod. The ephod for the priests was of plain linen; that for the high priest was richly embroidered in colors. The breastplate of the high priest was worn upon the ephod in front.  Exodus xxviii. 6-12.  [1913 Webster]


ephod, n. a Jewish priestly vestment.

ME f. Heb. ' ep{ocirc}d

Also see definition of "ephod" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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