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Verb (transitive)


envision, v.tr. envisage, visualize.



anticipate, call to mind, call up, conceive, conjure up, contemplate, envisage, fancy, feature, forecast, foreglimpse, foresee, foretaste, have in mind, have in view, image, imagine, just see, look ahead, look beyond, look forward to, look upon, meditate, objectify, picture, predict, prophesy, realize, regard, represent, see, see ahead, see beforehand, summon up, view, viewpoint, vision, visualize




VB imagine, fancy, conceive, idealize, realize, dream, dream of, dream up, give to airy nothing a local habitation and a name, create, originate, devise, invent, coin, fabricate, improvise, strike out something new, set one's wits to work, strain one's invention, crack one's invention, rack one's brains, ransack one's brains, cudgel one's brains, excogitate, brainstorm, give play, give the reins, give a loose to the imagination, give fancy, indulge in reverie, visualize, envision, conjure up a vision, fancy oneself, represent oneself, picture, picture-oneself, figure to oneself, vorstellen, float in the mind, suggest itself.

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