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Noun Plural
22 in 18 verses (in OT : 22 in 18 verses)


entrailsn. pl. [F. entrailles, LL. intralia, intranea, fr. interaneum, pl. interanea, intestine, interaneus inward, interior, fr. inter between, among, within. See Internal.].
  •  The internal parts of animal bodies; the bowels; the guts; viscera; intestines.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The internal parts; as, the entrails of the earth.  [1913 Webster]
    "That treasure . . . hid the dark entrails of America."  [1913 Webster]


entrails, n.pl.
1 the bowels and intestines of a person or animal.
2 the innermost parts (entrails of the earth).

ME f. OF entrailles f. med.L intralia alt. f. L interaneus internal f. inter among



abdomen, anus, appendix, blind gut, bowels, brain, cecum, colon, duodenum, endocardium, foregut, giblets, gizzard, guts, heart, hindgut, innards, inner mechanism, insides, internals, intestine, intestines, inwards, jejunum, kidney, kishkes, large intestine, liver, liver and lights, lung, midgut, perineum, pluck, pump, pylorus, rectum, small intestine, spleen, stomach, stuffing, ticker, tripes, vermiform appendix, viscera, vitals, works




N interiority, inside, interior, interspace, subsoil, substratum, intrados, contents, substance, pith, marrow, backbone, heart, bosom, breast, abdomen, vitals, viscera, entrails, bowels, belly, intestines, guts, chitterings, womb, lap, penetralia, recesses, innermost recesses, cave, interior, internal, inner, inside, inward, intraregarding, inmost, innermost, deep seated, gut, intestine, intestinal, inland, subcutaneous, abdominal, coeliac, endomorphic, interstitial, inwrought, inclosed, home, domestic, indoor, intramural, vernacular, endemic, internally, inwards, within, in, inly, here in, there in, where in, ab intra, withinside, in doors, within doors, at home, in the bosom of one's family.

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