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1 in 1 verses (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)


  •  Act of enlightening, or the state of being enlightened or instructed.  [1913 Webster]
  •  same as AufklÄrung.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


enlightenment, n.
1 the act or an instance of enlightening; the state of being enlightened.
2 (the Enlightenment) the 18th-c. philosophy emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition.



accomplishments, account, acculturation, acquaintance, acquisition of knowledge, acquisitions, allegorization, announcement, arc lighting, attainments, awakening, black and white, blue book, briefing, bulletin, catechization, chiaroscuro, civility, civilization, clarification, coaching, communication, communique, contrast, cracking, cultivation, culture, data, datum, debunking, decipherment, decoding, decorative lighting, demonstration, demythologization, didactics, direct lighting, direction, directory, disappointment, disenchantment, disillusion, disillusionment, dispatch, edification, editing, education, electric lighting, elucidation, emendation, enculturation, euhemerism, evidence, exegesis, exemplification, explanation, explication, exposition, expounding, facts, factual information, familiarization, festoon lighting, floodlighting, fluorescent lighting, gaslighting, gen, general information, glow lighting, guidance, guidebook, handout, hard information, highlights, illumination, illustration, incandescent lighting, incidental information, indirect lighting, info, information, instruction, intelligence, irradiation, knowledge, learning, liberal education, light, light and shade, lighting, mention, message, notice, notification, overhead lighting, pedagogics, pedagogy, polish, presentation, private teaching, programmed instruction, promotional material, proof, publication, publicity, radiation, rationale, reason, reeducation, refinement, release, report, return to reality, rude awakening, schooling, self-instruction, self-teaching, sidelight, simplification, socialization, solution, sophistication, spoon-feeding, spot lighting, stage lighting, statement, store of knowledge, strip lighting, teaching, the dope, the goods, the know, the scoop, tonality, transmission, tuition, tutelage, tutorage, tutoring, tutorship, undeception, unlocking, unspelling, white book, white paper, word




N knowledge, cognizance, cognition, cognoscence, acquaintance, experience, ken, privity, insight, familiarity, comprehension, apprehension, recognition, appreciation, intuition, conscience, consciousness, perception, precognition, acroamatics, light, enlightenment, glimpse, inkling, glimmer, glimmering, dawn, scent, suspicion, impression, discovery, system of knowledge, body of knowledge, science, philosophy, pansophy, acroama, theory, aetiology, etiology, circle of the sciences, pandect, doctrine, body of doctrine, cyclopedia, encyclopedia, school, tree of knowledge, republic of letters, erudition, learning, lore, scholarship, reading, letters, literature, book madness, book learning, bookishness, bibliomania, bibliolatry, information, general information, store of knowledge, education, culture, menticulture, attainments, acquirements, acquisitions, accomplishments, proficiency, practical knowledge, liberal education, dilettantism, rudiments, deep knowledge, profound knowledge, solid knowledge, accurate knowledge, acroatic knowledge, acroamatic knowledge, vast knowledge, extensive knowledge, encyclopedic knowledge, encyclopedic learning, omniscience, pantology, march of intellect, progress of science, advance of science, advance of learning, schoolmaster abroad, scholar, knowing, cognitive, acroamatic, aware of, cognizant of, conscious of, acquainted with, made acquainted with, privy to, no stranger to, au fait with, au courant, in the secret, up to, alive to, behind the scenes, behind the curtain, let into, apprized of, informed of, undeceived, proficient with, versed with, read with, forward with, strong with, at home in, conversant with, familiar with, erudite, instructed, leaned, lettered, educated, well conned, well informed, well read, well grounded, well educated, enlightened, shrewd, savant, blue, bookish, scholastic, solid, profound, deep-read, book- learned, accomplished, omniscient, self-taught, known, ascertained, well-known, recognized, received, notorious, noted, proverbial, familiar, familiar as household words, familiar to every schoolboy, hackneyed, trite, trivial, commonplace, cognoscible, cognizable, to one's knowledge, to the best of one's knowledge, one's eyes being opened, ompredre tout c'est tout pardonner, to know all is to pardon all, empta dolore docet experientia, gnothi seauton, half our knowledge we must snatch not take, Jahre lehren mehr als Bucher, years teach more than books, knowledge comes but wisdom lingers, knowledge is power, les affaires font les hommes, nec scire fas est omnia, the amassed thought and experience of innumerable, was ich nicht weiss macht mich nicht heiss.


N information, enlightenment, acquaintance, knowledge, publicity, data, communication, intimation, notice, notification, enunciation, annunciation, announcement, communiqu_e, representation, round robin, presentment, case, estimate, specification, report, advice, monition, news, return, account, statement, mention, acquainting, instruction, outpouring, intercommunication, communicativeness, informant, authority, teller, intelligencer, reporter, exponent, mouthpiece, informer, eavesdropper, delator, detective, sleuth, mouchard, spy, newsmonger, messenger, amicus curiae, valet de place, cicerone, pilot, guide, guidebook, handbook, vade mecum, manual, map, plan, chart, gazetteer, itinerary, hint, suggestion, innuendo, inkling, whisper, passing word, word in the ear, subaudition, cue, byplay, gesture, gentle hint, broad hint, verbum sapienti, a word to the wise, insinuation, information theory, bit, byte, word, doubleword, quad word, paragraph, segment, magnetic media, paper medium, optical media, random access memory, RAM, read-only memory, ROM, write once read mostly memory, WORM, informed, communique, reported, published, expressive, explicit plain spoken, (artless), nuncupative, nuncupatory, declaratory, expository, enunciative, communicative, communicatory, from information received, a little bird told me, I heard it through the grapevine.

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