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Verb (transitive)


engorgev. t. [Pref. en- + gorge: cf. F. engorger to obstruct, cram.].
  •  To gorge; to glut.  Mir. for Mag.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To swallow with greediness or in large quantities; to devour.  Spenser.  [1913 Webster]
engorgev. i. 
     To feed with eagerness or voracity; to stuff one's self with food.  Beaumont.  [1913 Webster]


engorge, v.tr.
1 (in passive) a be crammed. b Med. be congested with blood.
2 devour greedily.

engorgement n.
F engorger (as EN-(1), GORGE)



allay, batten, bolt, bolt down, bring to ruin, cloy, condemn, confound, consume, cram, damn, deal destruction, decimate, depredate, desolate, despoil, destroy, devastate, devour, dissolve, drink, eat, engulf, fill, fill up, glut, gluttonize, gobble, gobble up, gorge, gormandize, gulp, gulp down, gut, gut with fire, guttle, guzzle, havoc, imbibe, incinerate, ingest, ingurgitate, jade, lay in ruins, lay waste, live to eat, overdose, overfeed, overfill, overgorge, oversaturate, overstuff, pall, ravage, raven, ruin, ruinate, sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate, shipwreck, slake, stuff, supersaturate, surfeit, swallow, swallow up, swill, swill down, throw into disorder, unleash destruction, unleash the hurricane, upheave, vandalize, vaporize, waste, wolf, wolf down, wrack, wreak havoc, wreck




N gluttony, greed, avarice, greediness, voracity, epicurism, good living, high living, edacity, gulosity, crapulence, guttling, guzzling, pantophagy, good cheer, blow out, feast, gastronomy, batterie de cuisine, epicure, bon vivant, gourmand, glutton, cormorant, hog, belly god, Apicius, gastronome, gourmet, v, gormandize, gorge, overgorge, overeat oneself, engorge, eat one's fill, cram, stuff, guttle, guzzle, bolt, devour, gobble up, gulp, raven, eat out of house and home, have the stomach of an ostrich, play a good knife and fork, pamper, gluttonous, greedy, gormandizing, edacious, omnivorous, crapulent, swinish, avaricious, selfish, pampered, overfed, overgorged, jejunus raro stomachus vulgaria temnit.


VB give entrance to, give admittance to, give the entree, introduce, intromit, usher, admit, receive, import, bring in, open the door to, throw in, ingest, absorb, imbibe, inhale, breathe in, let in, take in, suck in, draw in, readmit, resorb, reabsorb, snuff up, swallow, ingurgitate, engulf, engorge, gulp, eat, drink.

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