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Verb (transitive)


engenderv. t. [F. engender, L. ingenerare; in + generare to beget. See Generate, and cf. Ingenerate.].
  •  To produce by the union of the sexes; to beget.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To cause to exist; to bring forth; to produce; to sow the seeds of; as, angry words engender strife.  [1913 Webster]
    "Engendering friendship in all parts of the common wealth."
Syn. -- To breed; generate; procreate; propagate; occasion; call forth; cause; excite; develop.
engenderv. i. 
  •  To assume form; to come into existence; to be caused or produced.  [1913 Webster]
    "Thick clouds are spread, and storms engender there."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To come together; to meet, as in sexual embrace.  Massinger.  [1913 Webster]
     One who, or that which, engenders.  [1913 Webster]


engender, v.tr.
1 give rise to; bring about (a feeling etc.).
2 archaic beget.

ME f. OF engendrer f. L ingenerare (as IN-(2), generare GENERATE)



arouse, author, be fruitful, be productive, bear, beget, birth, breed, breed true, bring about, bring forth, bring into being, bring to birth, bring to effect, bring to pass, call into being, cause, coin, conceive, concoct, contrive, cook up, copulate, create, crossbreed, design, develop, devise, discover, do, dream up, effect, effectuate, establish, evolve, excite, fabricate, father, found, frame, fructify, generate, gestate, get, give being to, give birth to, give occasion to, give origin to, give rise to, hatch, improvise, inaugurate, inbreed, induce, institute, invent, make, make do with, make love, make up, mature, mint, mother, multiply, muster up, occasion, originate, outbreed, plan, procreate, produce, proliferate, propagate, provoke, pullulate, quicken, realize, reproduce, reproduce in kind, rouse, set afloat, set on foot, set up, sire, spawn, stimulate, stir, strike out, teem, think out, think up, work, work up




VB produce, perform, operate, do, make, gar, form, construct, fabricate, frame, contrive, manufacture, weave, forge, coin, carve, chisel, build, raise, edify, rear, erect, put together, set up, run up, establish, constitute, compose, organize, institute, achieve, accomplish, flower, bear fruit, fructify, teem, ean, yean, farrow, drop, pup, kitten, kindle, bear, lay, whelp, bring forth, give birth to, lie in, be brought to bed of, evolve, pullulate, usher into the world, make productive, create, beget, get, generate, fecundate, impregnate, procreate, progenerate, propagate, engender, bring into being, call into being, bring into existence, breed, hatch, develop, bring up, induce, superinduce, suscitate, cause, acquire.

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