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Verb (transitive)
1 in 1 verses (in OT : 1 in 1 verses)


endowv. t. [OF. endouer; pref. en- (L. in) + F. douer to endow, L. dotare. See Dower, and cf. 2d Endue.].
  •  To furnish with money or its equivalent, as a permanent fund for support; to make pecuniary provision for; to settle an income upon; especially, to furnish with dower; as, to endow a wife; to endow a public institution.  [1913 Webster]
    "Endowing hospitals and almshouses."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To enrich or furnish with anything of the nature of a gift (as a quality or faculty); -- followed by with, rarely by of; as, man is endowed by his Maker with reason; to endow with privileges or benefits.  [1913 Webster]


endow, v.tr.
1 bequeath or give a permanent income to (a person, institution, etc.).
2 (esp. as endowed adj.) (usu. foll. by with) provide (a person) with talent, ability, etc.

endower n.
ME f. AF endouer (as EN-(1), OF douer f. L dotare f. dos dotis DOWER)



accommodate, accord, afford, arm, authorize, award, back, bequeath, bestow, bless with, clothe, clothe with power, confer, contribute, deputize, donate, dower, empower, enable, endow with, endue, enhance, enrich, favor with, fill, fill up, finance, find, found, fund, furnish, give, grace with, grant, heighten, invest, keep, maintain, make available, make provision for, organize, prepare, present, promote, provide, provide for, recruit, replenish, settle on, settle upon, sponsor, stock, store, subscribe, subsidize, supply, support, vest, vest with, yield




VB deliver, hand, pass, put into the hands of, hand over, make over, deliver over, pass over, turn over, assign dower, present, give away, dispense, dispose of, give out, deal out, dole out, mete out, fork out, squeeze out, pay, render, impart, communicate, concede, cede, yield, part with, shed, cast, spend, give, bestow, confer, grant, accord, award, assign, intrust, consign, vest in, make a present, allow, contribute, subscribe, furnish its quota, invest, endow, settle upon, bequeath, leave, devise, furnish, supply, help, administer to, afford, spare, accommodate with, indulge with, favor with, shower down upon, lavish, pour on, thrust upon, tip, bribe, tickle the palm, grease the palm, offer, sacrifice, immolate.


VB be powerful, gain power, belong to, pertain to, lie in one's power, be in one's power, can, be able, give power, confer power, exercise power, empower, enable, invest, indue, endue, endow, arm, strengthen, compel.

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