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Verb (transitive)


endorsev. t. [Formerly endosse, fr. F. endosser to put on the back, to endorse; pref. en- (L. in) + dos back, L. dorsum. See Dorsal, and cf. Indorse.].
     Same as Indorse.  [1913 Webster]
    " Both endorse and indorse are used by good writers; but the tendency is to the more general use of indorse and its derivatives indorsee, indorser, and indorsement."  [1913 Webster]
     A subordinary, resembling the pale, but of one fourth its width (according to some writers, one eighth).  [1913 Webster]


endorse, v.tr. (also indorse)
1 a confirm (a statement or opinion). b declare one's approval of.
2 sign or write on the back of (a document), esp. the back of (a bill, cheque, etc.) as the payee or to specify another as payee.
3 write (an explanation or comment) on the back of a document.
4 Brit. enter details of a conviction for a motoring offence on (a driving licence).

endorsable adj. endorsee n. endorser n.
med.L indorsare (as IN-(2), L dorsum back)



OK, abet, accede to, accept, accord to, accredit, admire, advocate, affirm, agree to, aid and abet, amen, approve, approve of, assent, assure, attest, authenticate, authorize, autograph, back, back up, be sponsor for, be willing, bless, bond, certify, champion, comfort, command, condescend, confirm, connive at, consent, consent to silently, cosign, countenance, countersecure, countersign, deign, elect, embolden, encourage, ensure, esteem, favor, give consent, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the imprimatur, give thumbs up, go along with, go for, grant, guarantee, guaranty, have no objection, hearten, hold with, indorse, initial, insure, keep in countenance, nod, nod assent, nominate, not refuse, notarize, okay, pass, pass on, pass upon, permit, ratify, recommend, respect, rubber stamp, sanction, say amen to, say aye, say yes, seal, second, secure, shine upon, sign, sign and seal, sign for, smile upon, sponsor, stand behind, stand by, stand up for, subscribe, subscribe to, support, sustain, swear and affirm, swear to, take kindly to, think well of, undersign, underwrite, uphold, validate, view with favor, visa, vise, vote, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vouch, warrant, wink at, witness, yield assent




VB contract, covenant, agree for, engage, treat, negotiate, stipulate, make terms, bargain, make a bargain, strike a bargain, come to terms, come to an understanding, compromise, set at rest, close, close with, conclude, complete, settle, confirm, ratify, clench, subscribe, underwrite, endorse, indorse, put the seal to, sign, seal, indent, take one at one's word, bargain by inch of candle.

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