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Verb (transitive)


encasev. t. [Cf. Enchase.].
     To inclose in or as if in a case. See Incase.  Beau. & Fl.  [1913 Webster]


encase, v.tr. (also incase)
1 put into a case.
2 surround as with a case.

encasement n.



bag, barrel, basket, bottle, bottle up, box, box in, box up, cabin, can, capsule, carton, case, cask, casket, cloister, closet, coffin, confine, cramp, crate, crib, embox, embrace, encapsulate, encyst, enfold, enshroud, entomb, envelop, enwrap, hamper, immure, invest, jar, lap, pack, package, parcel, pot, sack, sheathe, shroud, smother, straiten, surround, swaddle, swathe, tank, tin, wrap, wrap about, wrap up




VB cover, superpose, superimpose, overlay, overspread, wrap, encase, incase, face, case, veneer, pave, paper, tip, cap, bind, bulkhead, bulkhead in, clapboard, coat, paint, varnish, pay, incrust, stucco, dab, plaster, tar, wash, besmear, bedaub, anoint, do over, gild, plate, japan, lacquer, lacker, enamel, whitewash, parget, lay it on thick, overlie, overarch, endome, conceal, anodize, galvanize.


VB circumscribe, limit, bound, confine, inclose, surround, compass about, imprison, hedge in, wall in, rail in, fence round, fence in, hedge round, picket, corral, enfold, bury, encase, incase, pack up, enshrine, inclasp, wrap up, embay, embosom, containment (inclusion).

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