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elementarya. [L. elementarius: cf. F. élémentaire.].
  •  Having only one principle or constituent part; consisting of a single element; simple; uncompounded; as, an elementary substance.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Pertaining to, or treating of, the elements, rudiments, or first principles of anything; initial; rudimental; introductory; as, an elementary treatise.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Pertaining to one of the four elements, air, water, earth, fire.  J. Spencer.  [1913 Webster]


elementary, adj.
1 a dealing with or arising from the simplest facts of a subject; rudimentary, introductory. b simple.
2 Chem. not decomposable.

elementary particle Physics any of several subatomic particles supposedly not decomposable into simpler ones. elementary school a school in which elementary subjects are taught to young children.
elementarily adv. elementariness n.
ME f. L elementarius (as ELEMENT)



ab ovo, abecedarian, aboriginal, acid, alkali, antenatal, austere, autochthonous, bare, basal, basic, basilar, beginning, biochemical, budding, central, chaste, chemical, chemicobiological, chemicoengineering, chemicomineralogical, chemicophysical, chemurgic, clear, component, constituent, constitutive, copolymeric, copolymerous, creative, crucial, dimeric, dimerous, easy, electrochemical, elemental, embryonic, essential, fetal, formative, foundational, fundamental, generative, genetic, germinal, gestatory, gut, heteromerous, homely, homespun, homogeneous, in embryo, in its infancy, in ovo, in the bud, inaugural, inceptive, inchoate, inchoative, incipient, incunabular, indivisible, infant, infantile, initial, initiative, initiatory, integral, integrant, introductory, inventive, irreducible, isomerous, macrochemical, material, mere, metameric, monolithic, monomerous, nascent, natal, nonacid, of a piece, of the essence, original, parturient, photochemical, physicochemical, phytochemical, plain, polymeric, postnatal, prefatory, pregnant, preliminary, prenatal, primal, primary, prime, primeval, primitive, primogenial, primordial, pristine, procreative, protogenic, pure, pure and simple, radical, radiochemical, rude, rudimental, rudimentary, seminal, severe, simon-pure, simple, single, spare, stark, straightforward, substantial, substantive, thermochemical, unadorned, uncluttered, uncomplicated, underlying, understandable, undifferenced, undifferentiated, uniform, unsubtle, ur




N simpleness, purity, homogeneity, elimination, sifting, purification, simple, uniform, of a piece, homogeneous, single, pure, sheer, neat, unmixed, unmingled, unblended, uncombined, uncompounded, elementary, undecomposed, unadulterated, unsophisticated, unalloyed, untinged, unfortified, pur et simple, incomplex, free from, exempt from, exclusive, simple, only.

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