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electrical fuse | electrical healing | electrical light | electrical line of force | electrical outlet | electrical parts and devices | electrical phenomenon | electrical plant | electrical power | electrical relay | electrical resistance

electrical parts and devices



electrical parts and devices

alternator, anode, armature, autoconverter, autostarter, autotransformer, battery charger, brush, cap, capacitor, cathode, charger, choking coil, coil, commutator, compensator, condenser, controller, converter, coupling, cutout, distributor, dynamo, dynamotor, electrode, electrophorus, electroscope, fuse, galvanic pile, galvanoscope, generator, grid, ground, ignition, inductor, insulator, interrupter, jumper, lightning rod, magnet, magneto, magnetoscope, motor-generator, oscillator, oscilloscope, outlet, pile, plug, pocket, points, push button, reactor, receptacle, rectifier, relay, resistance box, resistor, rheostat, self-starter, selsyn, shunt, socket, spark coil, spark plug, starter, step-down transformer, switch, synchronous converter, tap, terminal, time switch, timer, toggle switch, transformer, trickle charger, voltage changer, voltage regulator, voltage transformer

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