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elecampanen. [F. énulecampane, NL. inula campana; L. inula elecampane + LL. campana a bell; cf. G. glockenwurz, i. e., “bellwort.”].
  •  A large, coarse herb (Inula Helenium), with composite yellow flowers. The root, which has a pungent taste, is used as a tonic, and was formerly of much repute as a stomachic.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A sweetmeat made from the root of the plant.  [1913 Webster]


elecampane, n.
1 a sunflower-like plant, Inula helenium, with bitter aromatic leaves and roots, used in herbal medicine and cookery.
2 an esp. candied sweetmeat flavoured with this.

corrupt. of med.L enula (for L inula f. Gk helenion) campana (prob. = of the fields)

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