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ejectionn. [L. ejectio: cf. F. éjection.].
  •  The act of ejecting or casting out; discharge; expulsion; evacuation.  Johnson.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The act or process of discharging anything from the body, particularly the excretions.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The state of being ejected or cast out; dispossession; banishment.  [1913 Webster]


ejection, n. the act or an instance of ejecting; the process of being ejected.

ejection seat = ejector seat.



n. An approved remedy for the disease of garrulity. It is also much used in cases of extreme poverty.



banishment, bowshot, bullet, cannon, cashiering, clearance, conge, dejecta, dejection, dejecture, deportation, detachment, detonation, discard, discharge, disgorgement, disjunction, dismissal, disposal, disposition, dispossession, effluent, effusion, egesta, egestion, ejaculation, ejecta, ejectamenta, elimination, emission, eradication, eviction, excrement, excreta, excretes, excretion, exile, expatriation, expulsion, extravasate, extravasation, extrusion, exudate, exudation, firing, flow, flux, fusillade, gun, gunfire, gunshot, liquidation, ostracism, ouster, outburst, outlawing, outlawry, potshot, purge, removal, riddance, sacking, salvo, secretion, severance, shot, spray, stoneshot, suspension, tattoo, the boot, the bounce, the sack, throwing out, transudate, transudation, volley, waste, waste matter, withdrawal




N propulsion, projection, propelment, vis a tergo, force from behind, push, shove, ejaculate, ejection, throw, fling, toss, shot, discharge, shy, launch, release, projectiles, ballistics, archery, propeller, screw, twin screws, turbine, jet engine, missile, projectile, ball, discus, quoit, brickbat, shot, arrow, gun, ballista, countdown, windup, shooter, shot, archer, toxophilite, bowman, rifleman, marksman, good shot, crack shot, sharpshooter, propelled, propelling, propulsive, projectile.


N ejection, emission, effusion, rejection, expulsion, exportation, eviction, extrusion, trajection, discharge, emesis, vomiting, vomition, egestion, evacuation, ructation, eructation, bloodletting, venesection, phlebotomy, paracentesis, expuition, exspuition, tapping, drainage, clearance, clearage, deportation, banishment, rouge's march, relegation, extradition, dislodgment, bouncer, chucker-out, vomit, vomitus, puke, barf, emitting, emitted Int, begone!, get you gone!, get away, go away, get along, go along, get along with you, go along with you!, go your way!, away with!, off with you!, get the hell out of here!, go about your business!, be off!, avaunt!, aroynt!, allez-vous-en!, jao!, va-t'en!.


N extraction, extracting, removal, elimination, extrication, eradication, evolution, evulsion, avulsion, wrench, expression, squeezing, extirpation, extermination, ejection, export, extractor, corkscrew, forceps, pliers, extracted.

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