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eidern. [Of Scand. origin, cf. Icel ær; akin to Sw. eider, Dan. ederfugl.].
     Any species of sea duck of the genus Somateria, esp. Somateria mollissima, which breeds in the northern parts of Europe and America, and lines its nest with fine down (taken from its own body) which is an article of commerce; -- called also eider duck. The American eider (S. Dresseri), the king eider (S. spectabilis), and the spectacled eider (Arctonetta Fischeri) are related species.  [1913 Webster]
Eider down. [Cf. Icel. æ&edh;ardūn, Sw. eiderdūn, Dan. ederduun.] Down of the eider duck, much sought after as an article of luxury.


eider, n.
1 (in full eider duck) any of various large northern ducks, esp. of the genus Somateria.
2 (in full eider-down) small soft feathers from the breast of the eider duck.

Icel. aethr

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