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Verb (usu participle)


economizev. t. [Cf. F. économiser.].
     To manage with economy; to use with prudence; to expend with frugality; as, to economize one's income.  [1913 Webster]
    "Expenses in the city were to be economized."  [1913 Webster]
    "Calculating how to economize time."  [1913 Webster]
economizev. i. 
     To be prudently sparing in expenditure; to be frugal and saving; as, to economize in order to grow rich.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]


economize, v.intr. (also -ise)
1 be economical; make economies; reduce expenditure.
2 (foll. by on) use sparingly; spend less on.

economization n. economizer n.




VB be economical, practice economy, economize, save, retrench, cut back expenses, cut expenses, cut one's coat according to one's cloth, make both ends meet, keep within compass, meet one's expenses, pay one's way, pay as you go, husband, save money, invest money, put out to interest, provide for a rainy day, save for a rainy day, provide against a rainy day, save against a rainy day, feather one's nest, look after the main chance, cut costs.

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