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Noun, Adjective, Adverb


  •  Coming from the east; as, it was easterly wind.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Situated, directed, or moving toward the east; as, the easterly side of a lake; an easterly course or voyage.  [1913 Webster]
     Toward, or in the direction of, the east.  [1913 Webster]


easterly, adj., adv., & n.
--adj. & adv.
1 in an eastern position or direction.
2 (of a wind) blowing from the east.
--n. (pl. -ies) a wind blowing from the east.



E, Euroclydon, Tehuantepec wind, Tehuantepecer, antarctic, arctic, austral, bise, boreal, east, east wind, eastabout, eastbound, easter, eastermost, eastern, easternmost, eastward, eastwardly, eastwards, gregale, hyperborean, levanter, meridional, mistral, north, north wind, northbound, northeast, northeaster, northeasterly, northeastern, norther, northerly, northern, northernmost, northwest, northwester, northwesterly, northwestern, occidental, oriental, south, south wind, southbound, southeast, southeaster, southeasterly, southeastern, souther, southerly, southerly buster, southern, southernmost, southwest, southwester, southwesterly, southwestern, tramontane, west, west wind, westbound, wester, westerly, western, westernmost

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