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Adjective, Noun


dilettante, n. & adj.
--n. (pl. dilettanti or dilettantes)
1 a person who studies a subject or area of knowledge superficially.
2 a person who enjoys the arts.
--adj. trifling, not thorough; amateurish.

dilettantish adj. dilettantism n.
It. f. pres. part. of dilettare delight f. L delectare



Sunday painter, abecedarian, admirer, aesthete, aficionado, amateur, arbiter, arbiter elegantiarum, arbiter of taste, authority, bon vivant, booster, buff, cognoscente, collector, connaisseur, connoisseur, coquet, critic, criticaster, dabbler, dabbling, dabster, dallier, devotee, dilettantish, dunce, epicure, epicurean, expert, fan, fancier, flirt, follower, fool, freak, fribble, good judge, gourmand, gourmet, grammaticaster, greenhorn, greeny, groupie, half scholar, idolater, idolizer, ignoramus, illiterate, illiterati, jackleg, judge, know-nothing, lowbrow, maven, middlebrow, no scholar, nonprofessional, nut, philologaster, philosophaster, piddler, potterer, puddinghead, pundit, putterer, refined palate, rooter, savant, scholar, sciolist, smatterer, specialist, technical expert, technician, tenderfoot, trifler, tyro, unaccomplished, unfinished, ungifted, unintelligentsia, unskilled, virtuoso, votary, worshiper




N taste, good taste, refined taste, cultivated taste, delicacy, refinement, fine feeling, gust, gusto, tact, finesse, nicety, to prepon, polish, elegance, grace, judgment, discernment, dilettantism, dilettanteism, virtu, fine art, culture, cultivation, aesthetics, man of taste, connoisseur, judge, critic, conoscente, virtuoso, amateur, dilettante, Aristarchus, Corinthian, arbiter elegantiarum, stagirite, euphemist, caviare to the general, in good taste, cute, tasteful, tasty, unaffected, pure, chaste, classical, attic, cultivated, refined, dainty, esthetic, aesthetic, artistic, elegant, euphemistic, to one's taste, to one's mind, after one's fancy, comme il faut, tire a quatre epingles, elegantly, nihil tetigit quod non ornavit, chacun a son gout, oculi pictura tenentur aures cantibus, taste, flavor, gust, gusto, savor, gout, relish, sapor, sapidity, twang, smack, smatch, aftertaste, tang, tasting, degustation, gustation, palate, tongue, tooth, stomach, sapid, saporific, gustable, gustatory, gustful, strong, gamy, palatable.


N ignoramus, dunce, wooden spoon, no scholar, (imbecility) 499 (folly) 501 moron, imbecile, idiot, fool, jerk, nincompoop, asshole, dilettante, sciolist, smatterer, dabbler, half scholar, charlatan, wiseacre, greenhorn, amateur, novice, tyro, numskull, lubber, fool, pedant, bookless, shallow, ignorant, a wit with dunces and a dunce with wits.

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